Here are just a few services YSCG offers:


  • Employees that fit your Organizations culture
  • Quick hiring turn around time
  • Amazing Cost savings
  • Background checked and finger printed
  • Mentor Recruting and Rentention


  • Positive behavior management
  • Communication and parent interactions
  • Decision making and risk management
  • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Teaching and leadership skills

Administrative Consultation

  • Supervision and leadership
  • Difficult decisions and conversations
  • Motivating staff
  • Goal setting and strategic planning
  • Transitioning from school-year to summer programs/College

Curriculum and Program Design

  • Creative mission based programming
  • Team building games and activities
  • Intentional programming

General Youth Development Consulting

  • Program evaluation
  • Teen and middle-school specific programming
  • Promoting youth civic engagement

Conference Presentations, Workshops, and Special Events

  • Keynote addresses
  • Interactive and focused educational sessions
  • Full and half day workshops

Social Media Management

  • Website Design and Implementation
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc Management and Training
  • Marketing and Branding